Monday, 7 October 2013

York Does Vintage.....very well

Yesterday I walked through York city centre Topshop, through the high fashion frocks and on trend attire (found a really cool new label in there I will have to tell you about some other time) and out through the back door. I crossed the street, walked down the stone steps and was instantly transported back in time. Not only was York Does Vintage an absolute emporium of vintage finds, it was held in the merchant adventures hall - one of the most historic venues I've had the pleasure of shopping in.

Stall number one and my Purse was open. I couldn't resist the Alice in wonderland inspired chain from @ Two Penny Lane. The stall holder Cat was lovely, a local trader who studied archaeology and makes jewellery in her spare time - she admitted to just having a thing for shiny treasures. I think her shiny treasures are lovely and would make great Xmas prezzies, especially in the cute box, no need for wrapping paper.

Next it was time to frock shop. I was after a 1940s dress for next weeks Pickering Vintage weekender. It seemed that everyone in the changing room was trying on dresses for the same thing. Great timing York does Vintage, all the tea dresses and stockings a war time chick could desire. I settled on a polka dot number from Petra prints and a circle skirt and strawberry tea dress from Vintage to Vogue. I know - three items of clothing and I could have carried on if my budget would have allowed me. Love the biker rebel on this wrap dress and even had my eye on a vintage coffee filter. I thing the fact that I had to stop myself going to the cash machine a second time shows the quality of the goods and the thought that the organisers Alex and Sam at Now and then Events put into picking their traders. No wonder they won 'Best shopping experience 2012-2013' -Along with singing from Katie Rebecca, beauty parlours and  tea rooms I have to concur. It was an awesome shopping experience
All in all it was one of those perfect Sundays. And as Sundays are bake days it ended with me enjoying some home made profiteroles and brandy snaps in my new dotty dress - and the honey JD wasn't just for the baking....

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